Hi:) My name is Joana. I play guitar and piano, learning how to sing, how to live, how to love..

Here is the place I uploaded most of my music:

Draw me a face

December 8th, 2019 + 1:12 PM  ·  Joanadakel

Draw me a smile,
and a heart that wants nothing

The Return

April 3rd, 2015 + 2:04 PM  ·  Joanadakel

I dreamed about this song, I heard it in my dream I mean. The story was about a young man who leaves his house to do some kind of a trip. He returns after a week or two and he's totally changed. His hair is grey, his face has become like a dead-man's face, he is twitching and he has tremors, hiss voice became quiet and deep, coming from other worlds full of dark forests and fear. He says "Hi, I came back, I came back home... Please don't ask where I've been and what I've seen". It was exactly like that in my dream, the words, the melody. And the Bridge part, where comes the phrase "And its' F-e-e-e-ar". In the dream this word was pronounced with anything BUT human voice. It was an enormous and beast-like roar. I couldn't sing it like that, I really tried, but I didn't succeed.
It was a one-time dream though.


March 23rd, 2015 + 1:03 PM  ·  Joanadakel

To D.
When I believed everything is possible.


March 23rd, 2015 + 1:03 PM  ·  Joanadakel


A Gift

November 5th, 2007 + 3:11 AM  ·  Joanadakel

After this song...I think that there's nothing else to do. Somehow, all my love is here, all of my dreams and all the words I wanted to say... There's nothing else. I could fly away now and ......

“A Gift”… (Yoana Uzunova)

Hey, I see you…
You’re flying ghostly…
You are like a distant cloud of light
In a sight, which is doomed to darkness…

Hey, I hear you…
You’re whispering ghostly…
Dark and light are gradating/ shading,
In a sight of clouds they are melting…

Godlike light - that’s what you are
You are flying in a distant world, out of reach..
Can you endow me with wings,
So I can fly away with you, atleast for a moment?

(When I’m flying at night, I always will be with you
in my dreams in a sky of winds…)
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